Epilog G2 Galvo Laser

G2 Galvo Marking and Etching System
by Epilog Laser

High-Speed Metal Engraving, Etching, and Marking Made Easy

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System Features
Benefits of Epilog's G2 Galvo Laser System

The G2 laser series from Epilog provides a unique combination of high-speed laser engraving and marking and a large work area. Place an entire large piece, such as a gunstock or large gear, or even an entire table full of pieces and engrave them all at one time.

High speed engraving over a large marking area.

Highest-Speed Engraving Over Largest Work Area

The galvo beam delivery of the G2 is enhanced with a moving dynamic-focus lens for even engraving over a large area.

G2 galvo adjustable engraving bed.

Adjustable Engraving Area with the Touch of a Button

Quickly change between a 4" (101 mm), 16" (406 mm) and 24" (609 mm) etching area based on your marking needs - all inside a Class 2 laser system enclosure.

Demoing the Fusion Laser from Epilog.

Use the Software of Your Choice

Create your projects for the laser using the software you already use - AutoCAD, CorelDRAW, Illustrator, BarTender, and more.

Laser mark multiple parts at one time.

High-Volume, Multi-Piece Marking

Engrave an entire table full of parts at one time with no dedicated operator changing parts.

Moving G2 galvo lens for adjusting table size.

Telescoping Dynamic Focus Lens

A telescoping third-axis lens moves on the horizontal axis to adjust the focal distance for a consistent spot size across the table.

Epilog Laser G2 galvo is made in the USA.

Engineered and Manufactured in the USA

Proudly designed, engineered and manufactured in our Golden, CO headquarters at the base of the Rocky Mountains.

The G2 laser lets you change the table size from the keypad.

Change Your Work Area without Changing Lenses

Choose your engraving area - up to 24" x 24" (609 mm) - by selecting the table size on the keypad without the need to change lenses between marking jobs.

G2 galvo changeable louvered vents.

Louvered Ventilation for Less Maintenance

The better your system is vented, the cleaner it will be. Open and close louveres to optimize the ventilation in your engraving space.

Non contact marking with a G2 fiber laser system.

Fit Your Largest Parts on the Table

The marking area will fit up to 29" x 27" x 36.3" (736 x 685 x 922 mm) parts and tools within the saftey-enclosed Class 2 laser cabinet.

Multiple metals marked with a fiber laser.

Incredibly Fast 2m/sec Marking Speeds

Take advantage of the G2 laser's high-speed etching with marking speeds up to 2 meters per second for the highest quality at the fastest speeds.

Multiple metals marked with a fiber laser.

Easily Change Between Deep and Surface Etching

Quickly adjust your marking depth between surface marks and deep engraving by simply changing your laser's settings in the print driver.

The G2 galvo can engrave a full table of metal parts at one time.

Etch a Full Table Full of Parts at One Time

Engrave a jig of multiple parts in less time than ever before using the large 24" x 24" (609 mm) work area and fast galvo fiber laser technology.

Moving guides for the galvo laser system.

Repositionable Guides for Corner Placement

For traditional top-left engraving, the G2 features moveable edge guides that can be placed on the table for each engraving area size.

Non contact marking with a fiber laser system.

Non-Contact Marking: No Bits to Replace

There is no need to brace parts or replace expensve engraving bits or tools with our fiber laser systems.

Multiple metals marked with a fiber laser.

Mark and Etch a Wide Variety of Materials

Etch almost any meta land mark many plastics with the 1064 nm wavelength of our fiber laser systems.

Fiber laser's Red Dot positioning laser.

Laser Trace Alignment Feature

Precisely and quickly position your marking by utilizing the Trace Feature that will create a visible red line around the area you will be marking.

Laser etch, polish and anneal metals.

Create Multiple Styles of Marks

Create the marked or etched look on your part that fits your needs by adjusting the laser's speed, power, frequency, and focus.

Laser print driver for the fiber laser systems.

Laser Dashboard Print Driver

A user-friendly print driver allows you to control all of the laser's features from one convenient interface.

Networking options for your fiber laser system.

Network Your Laser Across Your Business

Communicate with your laser through Ethernet, USB or even wirelessly for the most simple networking available.

Color map different settings in the fiber laser.

Raster/Vector Color Mapping

Easily map different speed and power settings to different colors in your file in both engraving and cutting modes.

Epilog G2 Galvo
Technical specifications

Detailed Information

Epilog G2 Galvo Series
Engraving Area Up to 24" x 24"
(609 mm)
Maximum Material Thickness 4" x 4" (101 mm): 36.3" (923 mm)
16" x 16" (406 mm): 25.98" (660 mm)
24" x 24" (609 mm): 15.79" (401 mm)
Maximum Piece Size All table sizes: 29" x 27" (736.6 x 685.8 mm)
Laser Wattage 30 or 50-watt pulsed fiber laser, air cooled.
Standard Features .5" (12.7 mm) machined aluminum table, 2 meter/second maximum marking speed.
Print Driver & Software Laser Dashboard, Epilog Job Manager. Print from most Windows-based CAD and graphic software packages.
Operating Modes Optimized Vector Mode
Speed and Power Control Computer controlled speed and power in 1-100% increments. Color mapping links speed and power.
Print Interface. 10/100 Ethernet with Auto MDIX. Compatible with Windows 7/8/10.
Size (W x D x H) 33" x 43.75" x 71.1" (838.2 x 1111.25 x 1805.94 mm)
Weight 415 lbs (188.2 kg)
Electrical Requirements Auto-switching 110 to 240 volts, 50 or 60 Hz, single phase, 15 amp AC.
Ventilation System 650 CFM (1104 m3/hr) external exhaust to the outside or internal filtration unit is required. There are two output ports, each 4" (102 mm) in diameter.
Laser System Classification Class 2 Laser Product - 1 mW CW MAXIMUM 600-700 nm.

Laser Sample Portfolio

Creating unique laser engraved items is easy with an Epilog Laser System. Whether your working with metal or plastics you can use an Epilog Laser system to quickly and precisely etch intricate designs into your materials with ease using the G2 Galvo laser system.

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